Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Better

Electronic Cigarettes continue to grow in popularity and when compared to their more traditional counterparts, it is not hard to see why. One of the most obvious benefits, significant in their widespread use, is because they are a healthier alternative to conventional tobacco smoking. The thousands of chemicals which go into the production of a regular cigarette – some of which cause cancer – and the other toxic elements are not present in the electronic version which also eliminates the tobacco itself and its burning process.

There are other benefits too, one of which is financial. Although the cost of a starter pack is obviously going to set the wallet back a little, financial savings will be made in the long run with cartridges often able to be easily refilled and batteries re-charged. In fact when comparing the overall price, the money factor is one of the most appealing benefits to regular smokers considering making the switch to electronic means. Another advantage is the social benefit with the e-cigs offering the chance of an improved self-image. With no tar, ash and nasty smells left behind all physical signs are eliminated and the vapour left behind by the e-cigs is a lot more acceptable by non-smokers. Currently avoiding the smoking ban in most areas, the user’s life is made a lot more comfortable.

Do Electronic Cigarettes Have Nicotine?

The answer to this question can be both yes and no with another key reason why the e-cigs are better being it is the user’s choice. Cartridges are provided with different levels of nicotine enabling the user to determine the strength they require. The strength is usually indicated by the letters mg/ml (for example 6, 12 or 24mg/ml) and this amount means how much nicotine there is in milligrams for each millilitre of e-liquid, although sometimes this is shown as a percent per solution. The amount can also be zero as most companies offer nicotine free options. A wide range of flavours is available to be purchased ranging from the likes of original and tobacco through to menthol and various fruity flavours!

Do They Give You A Buzz?

Although they are fundamentally different inside, electronic cigarettes, such as the V2 Pro Series 3 are still capable of giving the user a buzz. The user inhales on the e-cig in a similar fashion to its traditional counter-part. If the e-cig contains nicotine then the buzz will be created the same way Рthe nicotine will go into the lungs before rapidly hitting the brain where the dense network of neurons is ultimately responsible for providing that buzz.