Wall Mounted Gas Fire FAQs

Wall mounted fires

Are They Expensive To Run?

The modern flue-less wall mounted fires are very energy efficient and can save you up to 70% on your energy bill.

Do They Have Realistic Flames?

Modern flue-less wall mounted gas fires now come with realistic flames.

What Type Of Controls Do They Have?

Whilst most come with manual controls there are newer designs that come with remote control.

Can They Be Hung In Any Room?

Flue-less gas fires are able to be hung on both external and internal walls giving you great flexibility as to where to put your new fire.

Are They Effective?

They are suitable as the main form of heating in most rooms but are perfect as supplemental heating sources or for heating a particular zone in a larger area.

Are Flue-Less Wall Mounted Gas Fires Easy To Set Up?

Yes! They are very easy to set as they hang on the wall. They need a gas source and provided that is already in place then the installation will generally be completed in under an hour.

Are They Energy Efficient?

Flue-less wall mounted gas fires are 100% energy efficient.

Will My Room Smell?

No! Rooms with ventilation such as a window or air vent will ensure that there is good quality air flow in the room. If your fire has been set up properly then there will not be any smells in the room due to the fire.