Queen Box Spring Mattresses For A Comfortable Sleep

If you are suffering from a bad back or another type of joint pain, it may be time to consider purchasing a new mattress. Queen size mattresses are an ideal choice in many situations. They provide enough room for two people even when one of them may be a restless sleeper. There is also adequate room should you need to let a child into the bed.

An old lumpy mattress is likely to cause uncomfortable lower back pain as well as resulting in a poor night’s sleep. A queen box spring mattress is an ideal choice for most people who are thinking of purchasing a new bed.

A box spring is a collection of coiled springs that are covered in fabric. Although the springs usually do not weigh very much, and are easy to shift from one position in the room to another, they are very sturdy and provide an extra layer of cushioning between your mattress and bed frame. They help to keep the mattress level for many years, which is especially useful if one partner is a lot heavier than the other. A box spring to be the same length and width as the mattress, and it is optimal to replace both at the same time.