I Love My New Lashes!

I recently treated myself to some designer mink eyelash extensions and I am more than happy with the results. My lashes have never been very thick, although they eyelash extensionsare quite long, and I always had trouble with mascaras and achieving the look I wanted. Some of the newer type of mascaras that have a white lash-building compound in one end and the coloured mascara in the other end; were quite helpful, although they took quite a bit of time and patience to apply.

I had heard about eyelash extensions, but believed them to be very expensive and outside my budget: However I decided to do a bit of research online and found that prices varied enormously from one place to another. I discovered a clinic not far from where I live that offered designer lashes at quite reasonable prices, and so I decided to give it a try.

I could not be happier; I now have long, thick eyelashes from the moment I get up in the morning until I go back to bed at night. I no longer need mascara, or the eyeliner that helped make my lashes appear thicker. I use only a little eye shadow when I dress up to go out at night, and the rest of the time my designer lashes are ample.

The procedure took quite a while, as the extensions are attached individually to each natural lash, but they will last as long as the natural lashes do, and will simply fall out along with their host lash, as it comes to the end of its natural cycle. I would definitely not hesitate to have them done again when the time comes, as the cost of the procedure is not much more than I would spend otherwise, in mascara and other eye makeup. I would not hesitate to recommend designer lashes to anyone, as it is definitely the best decision I ever made.

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