How to Choose a Wedding Cake Without Stress

It’s your wedding, you want everything to be perfect with as little stress as possible, so here’s a quick guide to buying a custom made wedding cake designs.

First things first, who will be making your cake? I would suggest finding a professional bakery. Shop around and find one that you’re happy with. A bakery will have a team of professionals to work on your cake, a food hygiene certificate and a professional kitchen to work in.

After finding the bakery you want to use, you have to think about the cake you want. For this you will have to take into consideration colour, do you want an all-white cake or do you want a pop of colour? Are you going for a traditional style or something more modern? What flavour would you like? How many layers? Dummy layers can be added to make the cake seem larger without wasting any cake. Do you want flowers on your cake? If so fresh or sugar?

The bakery will need some information from you, your names and contact details a working email address will be a good way to communicate, the name and address of your reception venue, the number of guests attending ( to give an idea of serving size) and finally a time and date you would be able to go for a tasting appointment. When you go to the bakery for the tasting appointment, enjoy yourself. Take a picture of your dress and some fabric with any colour you want used. Go with a clear idea of your budget.

A bakery will require a deposit, most will offer a refund a month before the date the cake is required but always discuss the refund policy with the bakery you will be using. To get the cake you want communication is the key. Describe, sketch or take in pictures to show them what you want.