Converting Your Loft into a Home Office

As telecommuting takes off the importance of a functional and beautiful home office takes precedence. I recently have my attic converted into an office by a South London lofts conversion company. It has added at least 20% to the value of my home, and I have a fabulous peaceful space from which to work. Here I share some home office design tips.

You don’t have to be an interior decorator to find home office organization ideas. If you’ve been in the corporate world, you may be foaming at the mouth to get out of your cubicle and show your own personal style. You can design a home office in a weekend with a few hundred dollars. See this post for help on this.

Use colours that inspire creativity. Paint is a cheap way to design a home office. Gone are the grey or beige walls from your traditional work environment. Cool colours such as blue and lavender can have a relaxing effect. Warmer colours like orange, red and yellow can raise your energy level. Make sure that whatever colour you choose doesn’t become too overwhelming so you focus on work instead of a blaring wall colour.

Go for comfort in your loft when you design a home office it may be tempting to just throw a basic black office chair in there. Look for an ergonomic chair where you can work for hours. Office chairs with a higher back may increase your productivity and help you work for longer periods of time.

Tips for Organizing Home Office Spaces

Get organized. Home office storage solutions are going to be pretty inexpensive but also make the biggest impact. The disadvantage of a home office is that you don’t have a personal assistant to keep you on track. Implement your own filing system and invest in a stylish cabinet. Designing a home office is great, but your decorating can easily be ruined by clutter that can build up in a few weeks from all of the paperwork. Home office ideas for small spaces are all about stylish storage instead of unnecessary accessories.

Bring in a seating area. Your home office might be the only room that is just yours in the entire home. When you design a home office, bring in a couch or two comfortable accent chairs. If clients drop by it gives them a place to sit. You can also use the sofa to take a quick powernap or give your mind a quick rest before working again.

Make it your own. When you design a home office bring in your personality. Showcase your artwork or graphic designs. Choose furniture that inspires you. Accessorize with pieces from your travels. If you want to travel but haven’t been able to afford it then use a home office theme inspired by your favourite country. This gives you a retreat but also inspires you to work harder to achieve your goals.

Hundreds of London homeowners are choosing to use their attic space to make other usable rooms in their homes, and this usually gives more options for sleeping, office space, play rooms, and other things. Extending south London lofts is fast becoming the most popular home improvement tactic. Many people try to do a loft conversion on their own, but it is not the easiest thing to do, and really they are advised to involve professional help.

Property prices have risen so high in the UK that most homeowners find turning their loft into another type of room is the best way to help save money. People in the UK do not have to obtain any permission or permits to convert their loft, due to the new regulations that came into effect in 2011.

Even though it is not required in the UK to have planning permission for loft conversions, everyone needs to still be aware of building regulations, as in several instances there have been problems with conversions, with people not adhering to regulations. Structural stability is one of the main things people need to consider before a Do-it-Yourself loft conversion. Ventilation and fire resistance are two more things that are important in the conversion process, as stairs need to have a door that is fire resistant.

Among the other things to consider are safety and plumbing issues, and there has to be enough room to walk and move around.

The consumer will have their own ideas of the layout they would like to see, but after voicing their preferences, would do best to leave it all in the hands of the professionals. A well-built loft conversion will add greatly to the property’s value, as well as making life much more comfortable for the occupiers.

A Beneficial Home Improvement

Loft conversion is one of the most beneficial home improvements that homeowners can undertake. Loft conversions have widespread benefits, and yet they entail relatively low initial costs. The important thing to consider is the fact that a loft conversion is something that only requires a single purchase, as it is not likely to involve high maintenance costs: other home improvement projects are rendered inefficient by the fact that it costs a lot of money to maintain them.

Homeowners can get their attic space converted to all kinds of helpful space, and they will also add to the value of the property, so loft conversions can literally pay for themselves.

A loft space can become a sanctuary from the rest of the household; as a reading room or home office; or it can become an extra bedroom or bathroom, or both. Depending on the size of the space; the options are endless.

When there is a teenage student in the house; the loft can become their own private space where they can study, sleep and even entertain friends; while still living at home with the family.

Windows can be added to let in natural light, while plumbing and electricity supplies can be extended up into your new space, so that there are no limits to what you can make of it.

A professional will take into account your requirements and the available space, to create a plan to suit your needs; including the stairs for access.

Awkward shapes, sloping ceilings; nothing is a problem for a professional loft conversion team. Get someone in to measure your space and discuss your needs, and you are well on the way to converting your loft into something useful, while adding value to your home.